PARTNERSHIP MEDIA GROUP LIMITED trading as Govnet Communications  




In these Terms and Conditions the following words and phrases shall have the following meaning:  

Agreement” means the Order Form signed by the Client and these Terms and Conditions. 

Client” means the person(s), firm or company to whom the Company’s services are being provided.  

Company” means Partnership Media Group Limited.  

Force Majeure Event” means any event beyond the control of the Company including (but not limited to) war (whether declared or not), civil war, riots, terrorism, natural disasters such as violent storms, floods and/or lightening, explosions, fires and/or lightening, explosions, fires and/or destruction of plan, machinery and/or factories, strikes and labour disputes of all kinds, acts of authority, whether lawful or unlawful, except for an Act for which the Company has assumed the risk by virtue of other provisions of this Agreement, and any lack of authorisation, license or approval necessary for the performance of the contract which is to be issued by any public authority and/or any other cause whatsoever beyond the Company’s control;  

Exhibition/Event” means an event to be held (physical, digital or remote) booked on a specific date or dates;  

Operations Technical Manual” means the document which sets out the exact services supplied by the Company to the Client when an Exhibition/Event Stand Package is agreed between the Company and the Client.  

“Order Form” means the form which sets out the services and choice of the same that the Company offers to provide to the Client during and in relation to the Conference. 


  1. ORDER 

2.1 The Agreement between the Company and the Client shall commence upon receipt of a signed, dated Order Form by fax, e-mail, post or otherwise. An exact description of the services to be supplied to the Client by the Company can be found in the Operations Technical Manual. 

2.2 The Agreement may be cancelled by giving notice by email to [email protected] Acceptance of the cancellation will be made by return email. The cancellation will only be deemed to have taken place once the Acceptance email has been received by the Client.  

2.3 Where specific sites within the Exhibition/Event floor-plan have been allocated to the Client, the Company reserves the right to change that allotment at any time leading up to the commencement of the Exhibition/Event and will advise the Client of such change in writing.  

2.4 Your Company Profile, which will appear in the official Exhibition/Event guide (agreed characters with contact details and URL), must be forwarded promptly to GovNet. Profiles received any later than 1 month prior to the Exhibition/Event may not be listed in the official Exhibition/Event guide. GovNet Communications reserves the right to edit profiles over the maximum Characters agreed.



3.1 In some instances an Order may be taken for attendance at multiple Exhibition/Events. Cancellation and Payment terms will apply to each of these Exhibition/Events as if they were separate Orders. If the Order form does not specify an individual price for each Exhibition/Event then the Total Price will be divided evenly between the Exhibition/Events included on the Order Form. 

3.2 The Client will pay  

  • 10% of the agreed price plus any applicable taxes 7 days following the date of Order unless the Order is taken onsite at an Exhibition/Event in which case the it will be payable 28 days following the date of Order  
  • a further 50% of the agreed price plus any applicable taxes 6 months before the date of the Exhibition/Event or 14 days following the date of Order, whichever is later. 
  • a further 40% of the agreed price plus any applicable taxes 3 months before the date of the Exhibition/Event or 14 days following the date of Order, whichever is later. 
  • GovNet Communications, reserves the right to change the agreed payment terms and request up to 100% of the charges due within seven days of the confirmation of booking if client’s credit check does not meet minimum criteria and will be required to be settled via credit card/bacs payment. 

3.3 Unless otherwise stated all prices quoted are exclusive of value added tax or other applicable taxes. Where applicable, these taxes will be charged at the rate in force at the time of the issue of any invoice.  

3.4 The Company reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 2.5% above the base rate of HSBC Bank Plc on all overdue amounts.  

3.5 In case of non-payment of any sum due from the Client (whether formally demanded or not) or of any other breach or non-observance by the Client of any of these Terms and Conditions the Company shall have the right to remove and exclude the Client, its directors, officers, employees, contractors and sub-contractors from the Exhibition/Event without prejudice to the right to recover all sums payable by the Client and without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to the Company. 

3.6 Where an Order is taken onsite at an Exhibition/Event there will be no charge for cancellation within 28 days of the Exhibition/Event. Otherwise, the following cancellation charges will apply. 

From the date of the Order until 6 months before the Exhibition/Event  10% of the agreed price plus any applicable taxes 
Between 3 and 6 months before the date of the Exhibition/Event  60% of the agreed price plus any applicable taxes 
Less than 3 months before the date of the Exhibition/Event  100% of the agreed price plus any applicable taxes 



4.1 The Client shall indemnify the Company for any claims brought against the Company by the Client’s staff, contractors, sub-contractors or any other third party for any breach of contract or negligence and shall ensure that they are fully covered by insurance including, but not restricted to, all risks on their property, exhibits or articles of any kind, employers’ liability, minimum of £1,000,000 public liability and comprehensive protection against any loss or damage caused by any circumstance whatsoever whether by reason of fire, water, theft, accident or any other cause.  

4.2 The Client shall indemnify the Company and its directors, officers and employees against all charges, claims damage, liabilities, proceedings, demands, fines, fees, costs or expenses (to include legal expenses on a solicitor and own client basis) including but not limited to, loss of goodwill, loss of profit and loss of opportunity suffered by the Company directly or indirectly as a result of any breach of these Terms and Conditions and/or the negligence or wilful default of the Client or any of its staff, contractors, sub-contractors or any other third party. 

4.3 The Client shall insure against, indemnify and hold the Company harmless in respect of all costs, claims, demands and expenses to which the Company may in any way be subject as a result of any loss or injury arising to any person (including members of the public or the Company, its staff, contractors or sub-contractors) or property howsoever caused as a result of any act or default of the Client, its staff, contractors or sub-contractors. If the Company so demands the Client shall provide proof to the Company that the Client has adequate insurance cover. In addition, the Client may wish to take insurance for losses and wasted expenditure in the event of the Exhibition/Event being cancelled, abandoned or curtailed. The Client must ensure that their staff, contractors and sub-contractors are insured against claims for employer’s liability and/or workman’s compensation. The period for which such insurance shall be maintained shall run from the time the Client or any of its staff, contractors and sub-contractors first enters the Venue, and continue until they have vacated the Venue and all their exhibits and property have been properly removed.  

4.4 The Company, their staff, contractors and sub-contractors shall not be liable for any loss or damage (including consequential or indirect loss or damage) suffered by the Client, staff, contractors and sub-contractors or invitees whether such loss or damage arises from breach of a duty in contract or tort or in any other way (including loss or damage arising from the Company’s negligence) and which shall include (but not by way of limitation) loss of profits; loss of contracts, loss of or damage to property or goods of the Client or any other person, or (but only so far as such injury is not caused by the Company’s negligence) personal injury to the Exhibitor or any other person. 

4.5 Other than for death the Company’s total liability in respect of this clause 4 is the total amount of fees payable by the Client in respect of this contract. For death, the total liability shall be unlimited. 


  1. DAMAGE 

5.1 The Client will be responsible for any damage to the property of the Company or the Exhibition/Event venue caused by the Client or any of its employees or guests.


6.1 The Company does not accept responsibility for any loss of, or damage to, or destruction of vehicles, or other property howsoever caused. You are advised to insure high-value items yourself. The Company’s insurance will not cover your equipment in the event of loss or damage.



7.1 The Company reserves the right to cancel the Exhibition/Event at any time and shall not be liable for any loss howsoever arising. In such circumstances, the Company will refund any sum paid by the Client to the Company.  The Company’s liability is limited to this sum.  

7.2 The Company shall be entitled once in any six-month period to postpone for a reasonable period of time (but not exceeding 6 months). This shall be confirmed in writing by the company at least 30 days prior to the date of the event. In the event of a postponed event under these conditions, the client shall not be due a refund on their agreement. If the Company shall so postpone the event the Company shall use its reasonable best efforts to limit the delay to as short a period as is practicable. If the event is postponed for more than a 6-month period, then a full refund will be due.



8.1 The Company may rescind its contract with the Client if it is prevented, hindered or delayed from performing any of its obligations under the Contract by a Force Majeure Event.  

8.2 These Terms and Conditions shall apply at all times 

8.3 The Company may update these Terms and Conditions from time to time.  

8.4 The Terms and Conditions in force at the date of the Order Form will apply throughout the term of the Agreement unless agreed between the Parties in writing. 

8.5 Except as expressly provided under these Terms and Conditions, the rights and remedies contained in these Terms and Conditions are cumulative and are not exclusive of any other rights or remedies provided by law or otherwise.  

8.6 The failure to exercise or delay in exercising a right or remedy under these Terms and Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of the right or remedy or a waiver of any other rights or remedies. No single or partial exercise of any right or remedy under these Terms and Conditions shall prevent any further exercise of that right or remedy or the exercise of any other rights or remedies.  

8.7 Each of the provisions contained in these Terms and Conditions shall be construed as independent of every other provision, so that if any provision in these Terms and Conditions shall be determined by any Court or competent authority to be illegal, invalid and/or unenforceable, then such determination shall not affect any other provision of these Terms and Conditions, all of which other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.  

8.8 These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to determine any dispute which may arise out of, under, or in connection with these Terms and Conditions. 

8.9 The person or persons signing the Order Form on behalf of the Client shall be deemed to have full authority to do so on behalf of the Client and the Client shall have no right to claim against the Company that such person or persons did not have such authority.


  1. DATA

9.1 The Client agrees to provide personal contact data of its staff, contractors or sub-contractors to the Company in line with these Terms and conditions. 

9.2 The Client warrants that it has the consent of its staff, contractors or sub-contractors to this personal contact data being transferred and accept that one or more of the Company’s official contractors may contact them about their products or services.  

9.3 The Client warrants that it has the consent of its staff, contractors or sub-contractors for their personal data to be held and used by the Company, as well as any official hosting provider acting on its behalf, in order to stage the Exhibition/Event.  

9.4 The Company, as the legal Data Controller, determines the purposes for which and the manner in which any personal data is, or is to be processed. 

9.5 Anyone processing personal data, must comply with eight enforceable principles of good information handling practice as set out in the DPA and later on in the GDPR.  

9.6 These principles require that the data must be: 

  •  fairly and lawfully processed; 
  • processed for limited purposes; 
  • adequate, relevant and not excessive; 
  • accurate and up to date; 
  • not kept longer than necessary; 
  • processed in accordance with the individual’s rights; 
  • secure; 
  • not transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area unless the country has adequate protection for the individual.