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Eva Murray

Senior Data Evangelist - Snowflake

I’m passionate about helping people understand, work with and fall in love with data by giving them a platform for learning about data analysis and visualization and for connecting with like-minded people.
I have spent the last 10 years working with organizations and using data to resolve their business challenges, identify room for improvement and help them deliver the best products, services and experiences for their customers.

For the past four years I have been co-leading the largest global social data project – #MakeoverMonday, where I provide feedback and advice to participants as they analyze and visualize data relating to a plethora of topics week after week.

As a person, an employee and a community leader, I always bring ALL of me to my work and projects, enthusiasm and passion included. I love hearing people’s stories and helping them reach the next milestone in their careers, be it through mentoring, coaching or connecting them with others in my network.

I feel comfortable speaking into a microphone on a big stage or into the one on my desk, recording podcasts, webinars and YouTube videos. Sharing stories, experiences, advice and content is one of my favorite ways of reaching people and helping them see new perspectives and find something that moves them into action.

My career has involved public and private sector projects in New Zealand as a consultant, business analyst work in the Financial Services Industry as well as Tableau consulting and training in Australia. Since 2016 I have been based in Europe, working with B2B customers globally to help them maximize the value of their investment in analytics.
I have authored two books: #MakeoverMonday (with Andy Kriebel) and Empowered by Data

Skills & Expertise: Community Building | Tableau | Data Visualization | Tableau Zen Master | Technology Communications | Data Analysis | Visual Analytics | Content | Podcast | Writing | Public Speaking | Webinars | Tutorials | Feedback | Events | Brand Awareness | Creativity | Product Marketing | Influencer Marketing