Patient Centred Design

Increase Diversity and Inclusion Standards in your Healthcare Organisation

Technology has the potential to reduce health inequalities by enabling people to access digital health information and tools to help them to better manage their health and care.

There is a close correlation between digital exclusion and social disadvantages and those at greater risk of poor health. People from these more excluded groups, often lack the digital skills, ability and means to get online. What can be done to help individuals build their digital skills and capabilities and ensure our health care digital tools and services are accessible?

At the Leading healthcare innovation Summit, we tackle the final frontier of digital exclusion and consider how digitalisation will meet the requirements and enhance the care of patients with specific needs, where the assumptions of many products and services are and how these have resulted in services that are lacking; and how poor access and a non-inclusive digital infrastructure and design can act as a major health determinant for patients in addition to physical, socioeconomic and personal behaviours.

Attend to discover:

  • How inclusive service design must meet the digitally disenabled halfway for effective service
  • What can the system do to ensure the staff are fully digitally enabled and trained to support new processes?
  • Supporting patients to achieve both digital and Health Literacy
  • Examples of ‘best practice’ from across the ecosystem
  • How do we raise awareness of the challenges in front of staff and end-users?
  • Funding for inclusive digital transformation
    • Including Inclusion in tenders and bids
    • Prioritising inclusive design into bidding and procurement processes
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Increase Diversity and Inclusion Standards in your Healthcare Organisation

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